LaTeX for WordPress

Concordia University College of Alberta is moving all of its websites (including departmental websites) onto the WordPress content management system. For my department it is of course desirable to support mathematical typesetting. After browsing the plugins available for LaTeX in WordPress I was pleasantly surprised to see a generous number of them, including several that claim to use MathJax.
I chose to try "LaTeX for WordPress" since it claimed to fall back on the more typical LaTeX image service if MathJax did not load properly. Installation was very painless and it seems that its support for mathematical formulas is great:


x &= e\otimes x\\
&= (a^{-1}\otimes a)\otimes x\\
&= a^{-1}\otimes (a\otimes x)\\
&= a^{-1}\otimes b\\
&= a^{-1}\otimes (a\otimes y)\\
&= (a^{-1}\otimes a)\otimes y\\
&= e\otimes y\\
&= y
Right click on the above equation to see the source of it as well as to access various other options.

Next step is to persuade the powers at Concordia to in fact permit this plugin.