Tison's Titles

  1. Ch [Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Conformation Championship]
  2. PSCA Ch [Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America Conformation Championship]
  3. CD [CKC Companion Dog obedience title]
  4. CDX [CKC Companion Dog Excellent obedience title]
  5. Photo

  6. PSCA CD [PSCA Companion Dog obedience title]
  7. AGN [CKC Agility Novice]
  8. AGI [CKC Agility Intermediate]
  9. AGX [CKC Agility Excellent]
  10. AGMX [CKC Agility Master Excellent]
  11. AGMX2 [CKC Agility Master Excellent, second time]
  12. AGMX3 [CKC Agility Master Excellent, third time]
  13. AGNJ [CKC Agility Novice Jumper]
  14. AGIJ [CKC Agility Intermediate Jumper]
  15. AGXJ [CKC Agility Excellent Jumper]
  16. AGMXJ [CKC Agility Master Excellent Jumper]
  17. AGMCH [CKC Agility Master Champion]
  18. ADC [Agility Association of Canada (AAC) Agility Dog of Canada]
  19. AADC [AAC Advanced Agility Dog of Canada]
  20. MADC [AAC Master Agility Dog of Canada]
  21. MGDC [AAC Master Gamblers Dog of Canada]
  22. MSDC [AAC Master Snooker Dog of Canada]
  23. MTRDC [AAC Master Team Relay Dog of Canada]
  24. MJDC [AAC Master Jumpers Dog of Canada]
  25. MSCDC [AAC Master Steeplechase Dog of Canada]
  26. ATCHC [AAC Agility Trial Champion of Canada]
  27. AAC Bronze Award
  28. AAC Silver Award
  29. Photo

  30. ExSt Bronze [AAC Expert Standard Bronze]
  31. ExSt Silver [AAC Expert Standard Bronze]
  32. ExJ Bronze [AAC Expert Jumpers Bronze]
  33. ExS Bronze [AAC Expert Snooker Bronze]
  34. ExG Bronze [AAC Expert Gamblers Bronze]
  35. VBA [AAC Versatility Bronze Award]
  36. NAC [North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) Novice Agility Certificate]
  37. OAC [NADAC Open Agility Certificate]
  38. EAC [NADAC Elite Agility Certificate]
  39. NJC [NADAC Novice Jumpers Certificate]
  40. OJC [NADAC Open Jumpers Certificate]
  41. EJC [NADAC Elite Jumpers Certificate]
  42. O-EJC [NADAC Elite Jumpers Certificate]
  43. NGC [NADAC Novice Gamblers Certificate]
  44. OGC [NADAC Open Gamblers Certificate]
  45. EGC [NADAC Elite Gamblers Certificate]
  46. TN-N [NADAC Tunnellers Novice]
  47. TN-O [NADAC Tunnellers Open]
  48. TN-E [NADAC Tunnellers Elite]
  49. TG-N [NADAC Touch'n'go Novice]
  50. TG-O [NADAC Touch'n'go Open]
  51. WV-N [NADAC Weavers Novice]
  52. NADAC Novice Versatility
  53. PSCA NAP [PSCA Novice Agility PyrShep]
  54. PSCA NJP [PSCA Novice Jumpers PyrShep]
  55. PSCA OJP [PSCA Open Jumpers PyrShep]
  56. FD [North American Flyball Association (NAFA) Flyball Dog]
  57. FDX [NAFA Flyball Dog Excellent]
  58. FDCh [NAFA Flyball Dog Champion]
  59. FDCh-S [NAFA Flyball Dog Champion Silver]
  60. FDCH-G [NAFA Flyball Dog Champion Gold]
  61. FM [NAFA Flyball Master]
  62. FMX [NAFA Flyball Master Excellent]
  63. FMCH [NAFA Flyball Master Champion]
  64. ONYX [NAFA ONYX award]
  65. FGDCH [NAFA Flyball Grand Champion]
  66. CCGC [Canadian Canine Good Citizen]
  67. HIC [PSCA Herding Instinct Certificate]
  68. VP1 [PSCA Versatility Award, Level 1]
  69. VP2 [PSCA Versatility Award, Level 2]