• Standards for Office Document Formats
  • Implementations of Spreadsheet Programs
  • Combinatorics and Universal Algebra, specifically the algebraic representations of Steiner Triple and Quadruple Systems


Development of the ODF (Opendocument Format) 1.3 Standard

I am participating in the OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, OASIS) technical committees developing the ODF (Opendocument Format) Standards. Further Information on ODF is available at:


On 2011/9/30 ODF 1.2 has been approved as an OASIS Standard. ODF1.1 is available from OASIS. ODF 1.0 has also already been adopted by ISO/IEC JTC1 as an International Standard ISO/IEC 26300:2006.

Some interesting article on standards setting:

Development of Gnumeric, an Open Source Spreadsheet Implementation

I am one of the co-maintainers of the open-source spreadsheet application Gnumeric.

Gnumeric is distributed as free software under the GNU GPL license; it is intended to replace proprietary and other spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Gnumeric's accuracy has helped it to establish a niche for statistical analysis and other scientific tasks:

Some other (non-academic) user reviews of Gnumeric: